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Benson Bone

Droid General 3D print

Droid General 3D print

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Inspired by General Grievous from Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2003 Clone Wars, this 14-piece resin 3D-printed kit is perfect for customizers and collectors. Some pieces come preassembled with magnets. Please note that all pieces come UNPAINTED, offering you the freedom to customize them to your liking.


- 1 base body

- 1 hip/spine

- 1 neck

- 1 head

- 1 pair of shoulders

- 2 pairs of arms

- 1 pair of legs

- 1 pair of swivel joints 


Our resin 3D prints are crafted with precision but are not as durable as ABS plastic. Due to the nature of resin, small pieces can be brittle. These heads are designed for experienced customizers and are intended for light play and display. Please handle with care. We do not offer replacements for pieces broken by the consumer, so consider this before making your purchase.

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